The COL Eagles meet the third Wednesday of every month at this location:

Whispering Hills Community Center 
4708 Jeffrey St., 
Johnsburg, IL. 60051

Meeting Location in Google Maps

Meeting Location in Google Maps Street View

This building can be accessed by taking Johnsburg Rd. east to Oeffling St. and turn right onto Oeffling Street.  Proceed a few blocks until you see a big parking lot to your left and that is the Whispering Hills Center.  There is a sign by the ranch-style building saying “Whispering Hills Community Center”.

Another route is to take Ringwood Rd. east to Johnsburg Road and turn right.  Travel south on Johnsburg Rd. to Oeffling St. on your left and travel to Whispering Hills parking lot on your left.

Meetings begin at 7:00 pm.

Members and guests are welcome!