About Us

Activities Permitted

Electric, Fixed Wing, Fuel/Gas, Helicopters, Park Flyers, Pattern, Radio Control, drones

Field Information

Chairs, First Aid Kit, Grass Runway, Grass Pit Area, Frequency Board, Wind Sock, Gated Entrance, Workbenches, Parking, Picnic Tables, Privately Owned, Radio Impound Area, Safety Fences, Setup Tables, Spectator Area, Start-Up Stands

Field Restrictions

Model Identification, No Alcohol, No Firearms, No Hunting, No Pyrotechnics, No Vendors, Noise Limitation: mufflers on gas and glow engines

Field Hours

Flying hours for electric is dawn until dusk.  For gas and glow engines 9 AM to dusk.

Additional Information

Flying instructors are available upon request.

Advice on building aircraft is available from our members.