The COL Eagles club provides a very simple process for new members to join the club.  Simply read the handbook, fill out the acknowledgement form, complete the application form, and bring the completed documents (along with your AMA card) to a meeting or to the field.  Submit these documents via USPS to the PO Box, or give them to a club officer at the field.  The required documents are the application form, the acknowledgement form, and a check for the current year club dues.  You will be receive membership card which you must have with you at all times.  Use the “Contact Us” page for additional guidance if needed.

PO BOX: Chain O Lakes Eagles  PO Box 1283 McHenry IL 60051-1283

Click on these links to view the membership documents:

Note: The Handbook Acknowledgement form is no longer necessary. Payment of club dues signifies that club members agree to abide by the bylaws of the club.