Meeting Info:

Because of COVID-19, meetings are conducted using Zoom.  If you are interested in joining us, use the Contacts page to request access from the President to the meeting.

(Meetings are held at the field during the summer, and used to be held at the Rusty Nail bar and grill in Ringwood before COVID happened).

Pre-COVID meeting info: The COL Eagles meeting is held the third Wednesday of every month at this location:

Rusty Nail Bar & Grill 
4520 Ringwood Road 
Ringwood, IL 60072

Meeting Location in Google Maps

This Rusty Nail Bar & Grill is located on Ringwood road north of McHenry just west of Route 31.

Meetings begin at 7:00 pm.

Members and guests are welcome!

Meeting are currently held via Zoom, read above for details.  Resumption of meetings at the Rusty Nail depends upon this virus being mitigated.